Göcek is a bay in which boats and yachts can be well protected. There the foothills of the Taurus mountains create a natural wind and wave breaker.

The majority of the region’s income in this natural wonder consists of yacht and sea tourism. And since the geographical conditions are suitable, Göcek is a very well-developed Marina center.

One of the marinas in gocek

There are 6 marinas, including the 4 most luxurious ones in Turkey. They open 12 months a year to serve your boats and yachts to world standards.

Two of the marinas are in the center of Göcek, and the other two are in Büngüş Bay in Göcek. You don’t need much information to anchor and stay in Göcek overnight.

You can choose one of the tens of bays in the gulf and stay in your boat overnight. Either by anchoring offshore or by attaching a hawser to the shore.

Göcek’s marinas are; D Marin, Göcek Municipal Marina, Skopea Marina, Village Port (Marin Türk), Club Marin, Marin Türk Exclusive.

D- Marin Göcek, Muğla

350 yachts overnight, 150 tying capacity. Hotel, cafe, beach, restaurant, and SPA services.

Location: 36.74743950223208, 28.943012366580167. Click here to check it on Google maps.

E-Mail: gocek@d-marin.com

Site: D- Marin

Göcek Municipal Marina, Muğla

Location: 36.751975, 28.942053. Click here to check it on Google maps.

Göcek Municipal Marina has a capacity for 150 boats, it has two piers (one of them wooden) in the middle of the Göcek shoreline. Electricity, water, and fuel can be supplied.

Skopea Marina Göcek, Muğla

Location: 36.753544, 28.942824. Click here to check it on Google maps.

With a total of 80 boat tying capacity, boats up to 110m can be tied.

The marina has a Pool Bar and Restaurant, it is beautiful enough to allow you to enjoy Göcek.

There is a free Wi-Fi internet connection.

Site: Skopea Marina

Marin Türk Village Port Göcek, Muğla

Location: 36.756348, 28.933264. Click here to check it on Google maps.

The marina can host 365 boats and allows yachts up to 45 meters, it also has a 180 boat capacity on land and offers yacht repair, maintenance, and slipway services.

Site: Marin Türk Village Port

Club Marina Göcek, Muğla. 

Location: 36.749597, 28.924716. Click here to check it on Google maps.

This marina in Büngüş Bay has a total capacity of 195 boats. Marina has bungalow accommodation opportunities, along with a beach, restaurant, cafe, and supermarket.

There are regular FREE boat trips to Göcek’s center.

There is a free Wi-Fi internet connection in the marina.

Marina in gocek with many boats in it

Marin Türk EXCLUSIVE Göcek, Muğla

Location: 36.74417777115907, 28.923726279918665. Click here to check it on Google maps.

The marina serves yachts over 18 meters and has a floating veranda, “cafe-bistro” and the only natural beach in Göcek.

Site: Marin Türk Exclusive

Suitable Places for Anchoring and Accommodation in Göcek:

The bay between the Municipal marina and Club Marina has a sandy bottom and holds anchor. You can anchor offshore. Göcek and its bays strictly apply wastewater treatment.

Stunning gocek view

Areas that need attention:

  • 2 islands and environmental debris are half a mile to the east of Büyük Yassıca Island.
  • The small island and its debris are 100 meters away from Göcek Island.
  • At the shallows of Yılanlı Island, located between Boynuz Bükü and Yassıcalar inside the gulf, there is a lighthouse defining the shallow area that covers an area 800 meters long in the north-south direction. This shallow area is sometimes passable but we advise caution.
  • Apart from that, it is forbidden to tie your boat to trees. You can anchor your ship anywhere in this area if you follow the weather and wind directions.