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If you get all excited when a captain calls out ‘All aboard’, you probably know what’s going to happen next. There’s nothing like sailing off into red sunsets and cutting through white-capped waves while letting the breathtaking beauty of the sea pierce through your soul. Sounds like the vacation of a lifetime, right? This is exactly what YachtToGo offers you! We’re an established boat hire listing website where you can rent a perfect, albeit affordable vessel and sail to the horizon.

Hire a yacht and become your own captain

At YachtToGo, you will find hundreds of private boat rentals for sailing in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. Now you can explore the best destinations in Marmaris, Kemer, Rodos, and wherever you want on your own. It’s you who are going to be the captain in charge, and it’s up to you to plan a route. So, why not invite a few friends to get on board and make a getaway you all have dreamed of? With us, this will be easier than ever.

Simply choose your desired sailing destination, holiday dates, and the number of guests you’d like to accommodate, and let us pick the best rental offers for you. We will provide you with a wide range of listings so that you can select the one that meets your expectations best.

What makes our yacht rental services stand out?

There are no luxury yacht charter companies in the world that provide you with better services than those at YachtToGo. Start searching for a rental boat here and enjoy all our benefits, including:

  • Diversity of choices
Our private yacht rental listings include an endless variety of sailboats, gulets, cruisers, trawlers, and even houseboats. What’s more, it’s up to you choose a crewed charter or a bareboat one, depending on what experience you’re looking for. At YachtToGo, we have rentals for all tastes.
  • Affordability
In addition to the best-priced listings, we offer no-middlemen arrangements, allowing you to save even more. That means you can hire your dream boat rental directly from an owner without paying exorbitant intermediary fees.
  • Detailed descriptions
All boats listed at YachtToGo come with a bunch of photos and feature overviews. We strive to help you make the right choice from the comfort of your home and ensure that you get what you pay for.

List your boat with us

Want to rent out your boat? Feel free to rely on YachtToGo as our website works both ways. You can get your vessel listed here and, thus, help people fulfill their sailing dreams! For our part, we undertake to make your boat visible for the whole world so that those who search for yacht rentals by owners can find it with only a few clicks. And this is available for the lowest commission fee.

Time to discover the marvels of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean at your own pace. Find a luxury boat for rent at YachtToGo, make a deal with its owner, and weigh the anchor!