Top 5 Bays in Marmaris.

1.Içmeler (Gölenya Port)

Situated amongst the many beauties of Marmaris, İçmeler leads the way with its close proximity to Marmaris, beaches, entertainment venues, hotels and nature. If you take a stroll on the walking pathways between İçmeler and Marmaris, which we mentioned above, you will see with your own eyes that the words are inadequate. There are minibus services day and night to İçmeler from this walking pathway (/kilometers), which is located at 8 kilometers to Marmaris.

Içmeler Bay, which is marked as ‘’Gölenya Port’’ in maps, (former name of İçmeler is known as Gölenye) is a natural port.

In the pine tree covered high mountains surrounding the Bay of İçmeler, scrubs, which is the typical Mediterranean and Aegean vegetation cover prevails. İçmeler offers a terrific view both from land and from the sea and deserves all kinds of praise.

If you are cruising towards Marmaris from İçmeler, “Keçi Adası” will remain in your south.

If you are sailing from the open seas; in the northeast direction, Keçi Adası Lighthouse “Fl R 2s 30m 5M” and Sarı Mehmet Point is reached from Küçük Boğaz between the two. The widest part of Küçük Boğaz is 465 meters, and the dept is approximately close to 40 meters.

Since the backwater running to the sea in the middle of the İçmeler beach fills that part of the bay, the waters are shallow. Excluding the front parts of the backwaters, all places are suitable for anchoring.

With depths of 1o meters towards the south direction and 14 meters towards the north direction, the bottom of the bay is sandy and covered with seaweed.

The pier run by İçmeler Municipality is situated at the south of the bay. The pier is 200 – 250 boats in capacity. Electricity, Water, Market, Ice and Gas can be found in the pier.

In İçmeler; with amenities such as Health Center, Pharmacy, Police, Laundry, Hotel, Shopping center, and Bank branches all your needs can be met.

Transportation: All means of transportation available for Marmaris is also available for İçmeler.

2.Hisarönü Bay

Hisarönü, situated on the southwest of Marmaris, is a favorite among vacationers.

Hisarönü Bay, which is significantly larger than the other bays of the districts of Marmaris, also brings with it many advantages. Hisarönü, which starts at the 22nd kilometer of Datça-Marmaris highway in, allows you to explore the magical scenery of Hisarönü and Gökova Bays along the way from the land.

In the Hisarönü Bay, which is preferred by those who love calm and nature holidays, the sea is shallow, and the bottom is generally sandy with a brick red color.

The area is filled with pine trees, some parts are barren. It has been experienced that the clean air of the sea and the water are good for asthmatic patients.

This bay full of surprises is one of the most beautiful bays in the world with its mild breezes, deep and clear waters, and shallow harbors.

Hisarönü Bay is surrounded by high mountains to the north and south and is filled with sheltered areas under rocky mountains.

We recommend that you pay particular attention to the submerged reefs on the Selimiye Çökertmesi especially in Selimiye Bay. At the same time because of the submerged reefs and underwater rocks in front of the capes, we advise you to steer off land around that area. Although it differs in front of backwaters, please be careful of shallow areas.

You can anchor in the east direction of “Kameriye Island”, which is to the east of the Bay. It is possible to see church ruins dating from ancient times in the south of the island from your boat. The water on two sides of the small island, which is located between Kameriye Island and the coast, is deep.

The coves to the north of the coast are suitable for accommodation in the summer months but are susceptible to southern winds in spring and autumn. The Gulf of Hisaronu, which does not have very strong winds during the summer months, has a mild breeze blowing even in the hottest months. Generally, these breezes coming from the Gulf of Gökova increase the attractiveness of the place in another fold.

Martı Marina located in Orhaniye has both a pier and a dock area. It is suitable for all your requirements.

In Hisarönü: there is Health Center, Gendarmerie, Coast Guard, Market, Hotel, Dolmuş, Taxi present and it is situated 22 kilometers away from Marmaris.

3.Orhaniye Bay

Of course you cannot come to Marmaris and leave out visiting Orhaniye, which is 30 kilometers in distance.

Orhaniye, which is of great importance for Hisarönü Bay as well, offers many advantages in hotel vacationers as well as yachts and boats. Having many beaches among the pine forests, the sea of ​​Orhaniye is very clean and calm all year long. You can walk in this sea. It is not a joke, go see it with your own eyes, even walk yourself.

Orhaniye is located between Babaç Point and Tülü Point. It is a fortunate bay that extends southward containing many beauties within it. Kızkumu, Bybasos Ancient City and Bybasos Island, Bayır Waterfall, high mountains, and forest bring paradise at your feet.

Marti Marina is located at the entrance of the cove, and the coves situated across the bay are very convenient for accommodation.

The island located in the middle of Orhaniye Bay where ancient castle remains dating from Byzantine period are present, is called “Kale Island”. A sand bank in the north-east of Kale Island is making it this area quite shallow, so it is important that you pay particular attention.

While many of the premises where you can moor to on the coast offer many facilities including accommodation, in the area nearby the social facility, there are markets and yacht equipment selling stores present on the side of the highway.

When you cruise towards the south along the shore, you will reach popular and crowded destination called Kızkumu.

You may cast off in this part of the bay, the sea bottom is sandy and it is easy to anchor. There are many piers in this vicinity.

In the bay; Health Centers, ATMs, Water, Electricity, Ice, Gas, Internet, Taxi and all kinds of services are available for any of your needs.

Transportation; Orhaniye which has regular dolmuş services to Marmaris, Selimiye and Bozburun is 36 kilometers away from Marmaris.

An open air market is set up every Saturday.

4.Turunç Bay

As equally popular like İçmeler, Turunç is another piece of paradise that you have to see during your Marmaris holiday.

Having a spectacular highway view, it is possible to reach Turunç from Marmaris both by minibus and by boat. This old fishing town owes its name Turunç to the fragrant fruit and the citrus tree of bitter orange.

Blue flagged Turunç Bay is one of the frequent destinations of Blue Voyage tour boats and yachts.

Turunç Bay, located between Zeytinli Burnu and Sarpburun, is in a crescent shape open towards the east. It is surrounded by high mountains and a bay sheltered on to the west side.

400 meters west of Zeytinliburnu, there is an underwater rock and submerged reefs to the shore 200 meters away. We advise you to pay attention to the ongoing submerged reefs as far as the shores of Sarpburun.

At the northern end of the small bay situated in the south-east of Turunç Bay, there is an underwater rock. We strongly recommend that you go 30 meters clear off of the shore around this place called “Dümbek Burnu”.

The most sheltered part of Turunç Bay where you can find many ground tackles is the southern part. Yellow buoys near the shore in the north indicate phone lines which pass under the sea. Here you have to be careful when you are about to anchor.

The berth in the bay has a capacity of 70 boats. It is very busy during the summer season.

At the pier; there is Electricity, Water, Ice, and Gas present.

In Turunç; Health Center, Hospital, Ambulance, Pharmacy, Gendarmerie, Laundry, Hotel, Shopping Center, ATM are available. The area meets all your needs.

Transportation: There are regular taxis and dolmuş service from Turunç, which is located 20 kilometers from Marmaris. In addition, the boat trip from Marmaris to Turunç takes 50 minutes.

An open air market is set up every Monday.

5.Bayır Bay

Bayır is a charming small village on the south-west of Marmaris. It is one of the popular stops especially for Jeep Safari tours.

It is very pleasant to have a tea and coffee break and enjoy the pleasures of your vacation while watching the deep blue bays under the shade of big plane trees in Bayır. When you come to Bayır, we recommend you not to leave without tasting local foods and beverages. Also do not come back without drinking water from the fountain in the center of the village.

At the same time Bayır is loacted within the ancient boundaries of Syrna. It is rumored that the mosque in the district was once a temple dedicated to Asklepios, the god of health in ancient times. The ancient city’s acropolis is a half-hour walk away, 2 kilometers north of Bayır. It is also an ideal location for hiking. Here you can see the remains of city walls and ruins of some buildings and tombstones.


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