The Ultimate Guide to Sailing in Marmaris


Location: 36°50’54.64″ N – 28°16’10.05″ E

Light Houses: Keçi Adası Lighthouse (Fl R 2s 30m 5M)

Having one of the natural bays in the Aegean Sea, Marmaris is an absolute-must stop on the Blue Voyage routes of yachts and boats.

Hidden among high mountains surrounding it, one of the paradise corners of Turkey and the world where green and blue are blended together, Marmaris, is also known as Green Marmaris.

On the coastline of Gökova Gulf and Bozburun Peninsula dotted with alcoves and capes, offering magnificent landscapes with numerous islands, coves and bays, Marmaris, which is surrounded by sea on three sides, is connected to the western Datça Peninsula with a narrow piece of land.

Marmaris, where you can enjoy nature, tranquility, pleasure, entertainment, blue and green holiday, is one of the first among popular holiday destinations.

With daily boat trips departing from Marmaris, you may explore surrounding bays and islands and have an enjoyable day at the sea.

Bozburun, Turunç and Bördübet, where you can explore on land or with your own boat from the sea, are among some of the boroughs of Marmaris visited by tourists again and again.

Offering different trip, anchorage, and supply and refueling options for those who are on Blue Voyage with yachts and boats, the sheltered Marmaris Harbor is about 2.5 miles wide and 30 meters deep.

Marmaris Bay, which is connected to the open sea by a narrow strait, is located between Büyük Boğaz in the south-north direction, Keçi Adası on the west, and Yıldız Adası on the east.

On the strait where Keçi Adası Lighthouse (Fl R 2s 30m 5M) is located on its south, Yıldız (Nimera) Island on its north, and İnceburun Lighthouse on its tip (Fl 3s 9m 5M), the width is 750 meters at its widest and the depth is approximately 38 meters. There are no underwater rocks or submerged reefs in the strait. However, we advise you to pay attention to the submerged reefs in front of İnceburun Lighthouse ” Fl 3s 9m 5M ” and to cruise 30 meters off of the shore.

Extending to the northeast direction and located between Keçi Adası Lighthouse ‘Fl R 2s 30m 5M’ ‘and Sarı Mehmet Point, the largest stretch of Küçük Boğaz is 465 meters, depth is around 38 meters on average.

The high rising island located in the middle of Küçük Boğaz is called Karga Adası. Both sides of the island are deep and its seabed is clean. You can reach the Bay of İçmeler from this strait; if you take the Keçi Adası to the starboard side of the boat and cruise towards the east, you can approach to Marmaris Harbor by viewing the coastline.

A 7-kilometer walk through this coastal strip, where luxury holiday villages, hotels and summer houses are located, reaches the city center where Marmaris Beach begins. This walking path is a good alternative for exploring the places and the coast between Marmaris and İçmeler and exercise on the way.

You can anchor your boat at any place in front strips of the coastline, just in front of the Marmaris Center, being careful to keep your boat clear from the water sports and swimming areas. Bottom is sandy and it is easy to cast anchor.

The area to the west of Marmaris wharf with location coordinates (36 ° 50’58 “K-28 ° 16’91” D) is the preferred accommodation site. A relatively cooler part of Marmaris in temperature, the depth in this area is around 7 to 15 meters. In this area where many boats and yachts stand aloof we recommend anchoring, taking into consideration the entrance and exit course of the boats.

Although Marmaris Bay is open to land-breeze, the sea is calm during the summer months except southwester winds. Southwester winds are effective in spring, autumn and winter, most sheltered place in the harbor from the southwester winds are the northern parts of the Yıldız (Nimera) Adası in the south, the Magic Life pier in the direction of Aksaz in the harbor and Marina in the Yalancı Boğaz.

There are many diving schools and 52 beautiful diving spots in Marmaris and its surroundings which maintain their activities in the winter months.

Beginning at the end of the Marmaris coastal strip, Marmaris Municipality operates a large dock with Heights; 30 cm. – 1 meter – 2 meters Depth; between 3-8 meters; and Length 1,400 meters. The capacity of the dock is 300 – 350 boats/yachts. Electricity, Water, Ice, Refueling, Wastewater, services are available.

With many carpet stores, cafes, restaurants and bars the dock has a dynamic atmosphere and is suitable for every type of boats and yachts. The space is usually scarce during the summer months.

Marmaris is one of the important centers of yacht tourism in the Aegean Sea. When you are in Marmaris, where many Blue Voyage-organizing yacht agencies are located, we also recommend you to visit companies that manufacture and sell a large number of boats.

While there are many shops in Marmaris that sell yacht equipment, particularly most of them in the industrial zone; there are many competent boat and yacht manufacturing and maintenance-repair companies are present as well.

If you want to make a change and see the coves and beaches in this unique nature covered with pine forests with a change of green and blue from the air, you can call us for information about our Helicopter Transfer to Marmaris from Dalaman and Bodrum airports.

The Wind and Sea in Marmaris

The northern winds that rule over the coastal line from Marmaris to Bozburun occasionally reach 12 to 13 nautical miles in spring and autumn, while in the summer months they are about 5 to 7 miles northwest. The surrounding areas of Ekincik are usually sheltered from the wind and the sea is calmer. Marmaris generally has a low mild sunny humidity. In January and February, the weather will be cold and rainy, but in the days when spring will not be. Marmaris is generally sunny in climate and has a low humidity. Although the weather is generally overcast and rainy during the months of January and February, there are also some sunny days reminiscent of the spring.

Who is Marmaris Suitable for?

Be it the beginner level or the professional, Marmaris bay is one of the most suitable places for sailing sports. Sailing and yachting events are held here at various times throughout the year and are many sailing courses are also available.

With its islands small and large and with its bats one more beautiful than the other, Marmaris appeals to the wishes of sea lovers. All types of boats and yachts are suitable for Blue Voyage.

Marmaris has a special importance among sailors and yacht race enthusiasts with its generally calm waters as well. There are many International events organized by the Yacht Club (MİYK) in the region. These attract the attention of the whole world.

Led by the private rental Turkish Wooden Gullets, “Marmaris Yacht Festival” is held every year in May, where commercial sailboats, luxury boats without sail and motor boats are gathered in the dock area at the beginning of the season and make a debut appearance for the local and international Yacht Charter agencies.

One of the two major events held in Marmaris is; the Channel Regatta organized every year in June jointly with the Yacht Club of Rhodes. Participation of both Turkish and Greek sailors in Rhodes and Marmaris contributes to vivid scenes and deep rooted friendships.

The most important event is; the traditional International “Marmaris Race Week” starting in late October which is being held continuously since 1991. This event is very colorful and exciting with about 140 boats, local and foreign, and about 1,000 racers participating.

The number of local and foreign mariners living in Marmaris in winter months is considerably high.

In Marmaris: There are a large number of hospitals, health centers, police, helicopter tracks, bank branches, ATMs, exchange offices, shopping centers, entertainment centers, water parks, bars, restaurants, SPA centers, hammams, covered bazaars, etc. present.

Open air market is set every Thursday.

How to get to Marmaris: Marmaris is 86 kilometers from Dalaman and 56 kilometers from Muğla Airports. There are bus services to Marmaris Bus Terminal from all over Turkey. There are regular ferry services from Marmaris to Rhodes and regular ‘dolmuş’ (shared taxi) services to all villages in the vicinity. Taxis are also available.

Private Rental Boat and Yacht Alternatives in Marmaris

Special Charter Boats and Yachts that you can find for “Blue Voyage” in Marmaris generally consist of Classical Turkish made wooden Gullets, Motor Yachts, Sailing Boats and Sailed Catamarans, same as in all Mediterranean and Aegean. Sailboats and Catamarans can be rented with crew, as well as “bareboat” naked rental (fuel and all other expenses are paid by the lessee). It is possible to find Yacht charter agencies in Marmaris who are making fleet rentals on sailboats for groups of friends or business events. There are also alternatives to hire captains, skippers and cooks for “bareboat” rentals. For Boat Rental and Yacht Charter imn Marmaris>>>

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