Fethiye Bays and Islands

Fethiye Bays and Beaches

The most famous and visited bays in Fethiye are Katrancı Bay, Günlüklü Bay, Oyuktepe Bays; (Mempaşa, Little and Big Samanlık, Boncuklu, Kuleli (Aksazlar), Aquarium, Turunç Pınarı), Gemile Bay, Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterflies Valley) and Kabak Bays. For more, see Göcek Bays >>>

Katrancı Bay

Katranco Bay offers a magnificient view from the land. Katrancı Bay is 16km from Fethiye’s center. For those who come from Dalaman, Göcek or Ortaca, there is a large pocket on the road 1km after Günlüklü that allows you to admire this view. We recommend that you park your vehicle and enjoy this view. Katrancı Bay is a forest resting area among wonderfully scented pine woods. The bay has camping areas and services such as shower, WC, cabin, buffet, pergola, parking lot services, along with water, tent, blanket, electricity, bungalow rental, that you might need while camping. Katrancı Bay is invaded by campers in the high season. It has a very clean sea. We recommend those who come with a boat or yacht to anchor here and have a short walk.

Günlüklü Bay

The shallow and clean sea of Günlüklü Bay is preferred by those who can’t swim very well. This bay has sweetgum trees, a camp site and a hotel. Günlüklü bay which offers basic needs such as water and electricity for campers, gets its name from sweetgum (günlük) trees surrounding this bay. It is to the right hand side when coming from Fethiye with a boat, after Katrancı Bay; and again to the right hand side after passing Göcek, when coming from land from Ortaca or Dalaman. The scent of the sweetgum trees early in the morning or at sunset, takes you to other lands. It is a healing center for those who suffer from asthma and breathing problems.

Gemile (Gemiler) Bay

Gemile Bay is a first degree archaeological site and an open air museum. There is an entrance fee. Gemiler Island is to the south of Fethiye Gulf and at 9km to Fethiye. The island has 4-5 ancient church remains from the Byzantine Era. Since  Gemiler Island is one of the dissemination points of Christianity, it has an important place in western culture. The ancient name of Gemiler Island is St. Nicholas. The Gemile Bay, which is right across from Gemiler Island, has a beach and joins Gemile Bay Valley (Gemiler Valley) to create a wonderful natural beauty. We recommend that you climbing to the top of the island, visit the old church remains and see the mosaics in the base of the big churh.

Oyuktepe Bays

The bay which is covered with green pine woods along the road, offers the great coupling of green and blue.  Oyuk Tepe Bays are 4km from Fethiye over land and transportation is very eas. Oyuktepe Bays are, in order, Mempaşa Bay, Small and Large Samanlık Bay, Boncuklu Bay, Kuleli (Aksazlar), Aquarium Bay and Turunç Pınarı Bay.

The Aquarium bay: There is an aquarium bay in fethiye, just like everywhere else. But the difference is that you can see the bottom up to 25-30 metres very clearly, and of course the fish in the water. We recommend that you visit Aquarium bay with its crystal bluewaters when you return from Kelebekler Valley (Bay).

These bays that form a peninsula at the west of Fethiye are generally an attraction point for daily visitors. The bays have a forest resting area and are very suitable for spending time. They offer showe, WC, cabin, drinking water, buffet, pergola and parking lot services.

Kıdırak Bay

This bay is very close to Ölüdeniz beach (3km). It has a calm beach covered with pines and a clear sea. There are wooden tables, barbecue areas, restrooms and buffets inside the pine woods, covering the needs of campers. The beach and promenades are much more calmer than Ölüdeniz beach. The bay is generally preferred by the locals and daily tourists. At the next stop over this land route, Kelebekler Valley and Kabak Bay are expecting you.

Kelebekler (Butterflies) Valley and Bay

Kelebekler Vadisi is a first degree protected area, connected to Ölüdeniz and ornamenting the foothills of Babadağ.  The valley offers a home to more than 80 different butterfly species. It is surrounded by steep rocks reaching 80 meters. There is also a small waterfall falling from 50 meters after coming from Faralia. Transport is possible from land and sea. The land route reaches the valley from Fethiye’s center via Ovacık minibuses; the sea route takes the visitors from Ölüdeniz by boat to Kelebekler Valley Bay. If you wish to anchor with your own ship to discover this valley, the best times to see the butterflies are March, April and May. Still, you should try your luck J.

Kabak Bay and Valley

Kabak Valley is voted “One of the best five camping sites in the world” by world travelers. It is a first degree protected area and the valley and sea in Kabak bay are very clean. You can discover the valley by walking up and down the steep hillsides or with vehicles like tractors and jeeps. The very rare floral richness of Kabak Valley is attributed to the fact that it has not been affected by the ice age. Apart from swimming and diving, the valley offers path walks, waterfall walks and visits to the turquoise cave. The Kabak Valley has world-famous camping sites and it is very near Kelebekler Valley. The name of Kabak Valley comes from the shape of the bay, resembling a gourd. If you visit Kabak Bay in your blue voyage, we recommend that you walk along the anciant Lycian Road and reach the Faralia village set up on the summit of the valley, taste the organic vegetables and fruits grown in the villages at one of the small restaurants or cafes, or even enjoy the village bread and eggs in a village breakfast.

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