How YachttoGO works?2019-02-25T13:08:48+00:00

YachttoGO is a platform where customers are looking to get out on the water with host that can provide boats, But how does it work? It’s simple, just follow those steps:
⦁ Customers come to www.yachttogo.com to search and book boats & yachts in a city, state, or country.
⦁ A list of boats & yachts will be presented to customers after they submit their search. Customers may then use YachttoGO’s basic filters or advanced filters to narrow down the list to find the right boat or yacht.
⦁ Customers will then submit direct inquiries to the owners of the by clicking the “Book Now” or “Contact Host” buttons.
⦁ The owner will reply back with an offer to book the boat with the details the customer provided or with similar details. An inquiry can also be declined if the boat or yacht is unavailable.
⦁ If the customer approves an offer, the customer’s credit card will be charged 50% of the full amount of the booking and the booking will be confirmed. Both parties will receive a confirmation email and can contact each other directly.
For more information, please feel free to contact us at office@yachttogo.com

Is YachttoGO a secure platform ?2019-02-25T12:48:43+00:00

We have taken every one of the measures to guarantee the security wellbeing of our clients money related data, by using the  newest online payments platforms and  we have pursued the convention they have set up to ensure we handle information accurately and our site is up to code with these measures.

How and when a customer is charged for a booking?2019-02-25T12:35:28+00:00

YachttoGO uses a third party company to process a booking credit card fee. A credit card must be used to book through the platform at this time. Once a owner has created a price offer, the client can confirm the reservation by accepting the offer. The offer includes the rental or charter price as well as the service fee of YachttoGO.

If the offer is accepted, a customer’s credit card is charged at that time for 35% of the full amount of the offer. It is important to know that YachttoGO does not allow for the use of partial payments or multiple credit cards.

The security allowance (also referred to as a deposit) is not charged at the time of booking and will only be charged post-rental if an owner puts in a valid claim for additional payment.

When do i get owner’s or renter’s contact information ?2019-02-25T12:35:29+00:00

Contact information (phone, e-mail and websites) is blocked until a reservation is approved. YachttoGO links are allowed[ such as our support pages, cancelation policy and terms]. For a few reasons, we block this content:

Your security. Sometimes scammers, phishers and other unsavory characters target this information and we block contact information to protect you and your information.

Keep bookings on YachttoGO. Taking a booking offsite is against our terms of uses and grounds for account suspension. It’s also unsafe, as doing a booking  outside of YachttoGO may mean that the boat isn’t trusted, leaving everyone at risk.

Once a booking is approved and payment is complete, you’ll see the blocked information again, and will be able to send any contact information through the message thread without being blocked.


What is instant book?2019-02-25T12:35:30+00:00

Instant book is the quickest way anywhere to rent a boat! Renters get instant gratification with Instant Book enabled. The pin of your boat on the map and the picture you are looking for gets a lightning bolt, which helps your listing to stand out even more.

Since instant book removes traditional messaging, it is essential that you keep your calendar up-to-date!

How to Enable Instant Book?

We always want you, the owner, to have control over your listing, so Instant Book is an option owners can enable.  In order to enable Instant Book, your boat must at least have the following:

  • An update calendar [within the last 30 days]
  • One completed booking
  • Completed House rules

If your boat meets the above requirements, you can enable Instant Book in your booking settings page.  You get there by going to Your Listings> Manage Listing and Calendar >Pricing >Instant Book. (Picture below).

How can i edit/update/synchronize my calendar?2019-02-25T12:35:30+00:00

Since YachttoGO is a community with the best user experience, it is important to ensure that your calendar is up to date. Renters rely on your calendar to know the availability and rates of your boat. To change your boat’s availability, just click to Your Listings> Manage Listing and Calendar >Calendar

Then just adjust the dates in the calendar that you want to change. You are prompted to change the date ” Status ” to ” Available ” or ” Unavailable ” (see image below).

Additionally, you can change the price of every season you wish. To change your Seasonality pricing just click to Your Listings> Manage Listing and Calendar >Pricing, and choose ‘’Yes’’ for ‘’Seasonality’’, then click to Your Listings> Manage Listing and Calendar >Seasonality Pricing. (Pictured below).

In order to synchronize your reservations with a personal calendar, you must first have a specialized calendar link. We’re giving you this. You just have to go to your listing[ if you have more than one boat, each boat has its own calendar], click ” Manage Listing and Calendar” The first page in your calendar is displayed. Just click the ” Availability settings ” after click the ‘’Export Calendar’’  button to open a modal with a link to your calendar. Just click and you are ready for the next step! (Pictured below)

Google Calendar

  1.  To add your boat’s calendar to a Google calendar, simply do the following:
  2.  Log into your Google Calendar Click the down arrow [on the left, by “other calendars”]
  3.  Select “Add by URL”
  4.  Paste the URL you got from YachttoGO
  5. Click Add!

Outlook Calendar

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on the Home Tab, then click “Open Calendar” from dropdown.  Select “From Internet”
  3. Paste the URL YachttoGO gave you
  4. Click “Yes” that you want to add the calendar and subscribe to updates
How do i approve or decline booking request ?2019-02-25T12:35:31+00:00

When you receive a reservation request, a new notice will appear at the top right of your homepage. Just click the notification or go directly to the dashboard to view the message (see image below).

By clicking on the notification, it will take you to the Approve/Decline page where you can find also the guest’s messages; Once you are in this page click the ‘’Pre approve/Decline’’, then you can choose to : (pictured below)

  1. Pre-Approve – If you’re comfortable with the renter and their experience, feel free to accept the booking.
  2. Decline  – If the dates are unavailable, if you are unsure about the potential renter or if their boating experience doesn’t fit your criteria, simply reject the booking. Once the booking has been “Declined”, the renter will receive an automated message letting them know that your boat is no longer available.
  3. Send an offer – Instead of Approving/Declining the booking, this is your chance to propose an offer neither than you normal price if the guest is requesting an offer.
Does YachttoGO hold a security deposit ?2019-02-25T12:35:31+00:00

Yachttogo does not hold any security deposit, but in some cases, if the owner demand it it can be hold by the owner himself at the arrival, and return it back at your depature.

Yachttogo does not hold any responsability of the given deposits.

What if the boat malfunctions ?2019-02-25T12:35:31+00:00

If a boat fails before the rental period, please contact YachttoGO Support to cancel the booking for the boat.

How to verify me ?2019-02-25T12:35:32+00:00

In order to become verified, YachttoGO  utilizes a verification process. Every user must input their phone number and basic information before a booking is approved.

Users  will need to supply further documentation. They will need to send their ID to YachttoGO, to help build trust in the community.

To Verify yourself, Go to Profile>Trust and Verification>Verify your ID. Choose your ID type, upload your ID and click Verifyme.

How to pay for my yacht & boat booking ?2019-02-25T12:35:32+00:00

When booking a boat with YachttoGO, you will have 3 different options to pay your booking, by credit card, Stripe or Paypal, after sending a booking request to the owner, and after his approval you may proceed to the payment phase and click on Make Payment.(pictured below)

How to use my coupon ?2019-02-25T12:35:32+00:00

If you have a valid coupon, make sure to include it during the payment process in the “Do you have coupon code” box and click on Apply.

What is the YachttoGO service fee ?2019-02-25T12:35:33+00:00

YachttoGO adds a service charge of 10% to renters. This allows us to safely and seamlessly process payments, protect fraud and identity and provide excellent customer support when needed.

Is there any money transaction fees?2019-02-25T12:35:33+00:00

YachttoGO adds a money transaction fee of 3% to the renters.

Can i pay with any currency ?2019-02-25T12:35:33+00:00

off course, what ever the currency is, you can make a payment with it.

What type of payment does YachttoGO accept ?2019-02-25T12:35:33+00:00

YachttoGO accept payment with credit card & bank transfer.