What is instant book?

Instant book is the quickest way anywhere to rent a boat! Renters get instant gratification with Instant Book enabled. The pin of your boat on the map and the picture you are looking for gets a lightning bolt, which helps your listing to stand out even more.

Since instant book removes traditional messaging, it is essential that you keep your calendar up-to-date!

How to Enable Instant Book?

We always want you, the owner, to have control over your listing, so Instant Book is an option owners can enable.  In order to enable Instant Book, your boat must at least have the following:

  • An update calendar [within the last 30 days]
  • One completed booking
  • Completed House rules

If your boat meets the above requirements, you can enable Instant Book in your booking settings page.  You get there by going to Your Listings> Manage Listing and Calendar >Pricing >Instant Book. (Picture below).

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