How do i approve or decline booking request ?

When you receive a reservation request, a new notice will appear at the top right of your homepage. Just click the notification or go directly to the dashboard to view the message (see image below).

By clicking on the notification, it will take you to the Approve/Decline page where you can find also the guest’s messages; Once you are in this page click the ‘’Pre approve/Decline’’, then you can choose to : (pictured below)

  1. Pre-Approve – If you’re comfortable with the renter and their experience, feel free to accept the booking.
  2. Decline  – If the dates are unavailable, if you are unsure about the potential renter or if their boating experience doesn’t fit your criteria, simply reject the booking. Once the booking has been “Declined”, the renter will receive an automated message letting them know that your boat is no longer available.
  3. Send an offer – Instead of Approving/Declining the booking, this is your chance to propose an offer neither than you normal price if the guest is requesting an offer.
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