How can i edit/update/synchronize my calendar?

Since YachttoGO is a community with the best user experience, it is important to ensure that your calendar is up to date. Renters rely on your calendar to know the availability and rates of your boat. To change your boat’s availability, just click to Your Listings> Manage Listing and Calendar >Calendar

Then just adjust the dates in the calendar that you want to change. You are prompted to change the date ” Status ” to ” Available ” or ” Unavailable ” (see image below).

Additionally, you can change the price of every season you wish. To change your Seasonality pricing just click to Your Listings> Manage Listing and Calendar >Pricing, and choose ‘’Yes’’ for ‘’Seasonality’’, then click to Your Listings> Manage Listing and Calendar >Seasonality Pricing. (Pictured below).

In order to synchronize your reservations with a personal calendar, you must first have a specialized calendar link. We’re giving you this. You just have to go to your listing[ if you have more than one boat, each boat has its own calendar], click ” Manage Listing and Calendar” The first page in your calendar is displayed. Just click the ” Availability settings ” after click the ‘’Export Calendar’’  button to open a modal with a link to your calendar. Just click and you are ready for the next step! (Pictured below)

Google Calendar

  1.  To add your boat’s calendar to a Google calendar, simply do the following:
  2.  Log into your Google Calendar Click the down arrow [on the left, by “other calendars”]
  3.  Select “Add by URL”
  4.  Paste the URL you got from YachttoGO
  5. Click Add!

Outlook Calendar

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on the Home Tab, then click “Open Calendar” from dropdown.  Select “From Internet”
  3. Paste the URL YachttoGO gave you
  4. Click “Yes” that you want to add the calendar and subscribe to updates
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