Discover the uniqueness of Göcek’s bays.

Göcek Bays Islands and Beaches

Göcek Bays and Islands

Bays: Göcek Bay, Hamam Bay, Taşyaka Bay, Göbün Bay, Ayten Bay, Sarsala Bay, YAvansu Bay, Osman Ağa Bay (Fountain), At Bükü, Kargılı Bay (Dark Bay), Günlüklü Bay, Boynuz Bükü, Kille Bükü

Hamam Bay (Cleopatra’s Bath)

Location: 36°38’45”N – 28°51’75”E

Hamam Bay is one of the most popular bays that blue voyage boats and yachts prefer to stay overnight, and it is indispensable for daily boat tours. Hamam bay has the ruins of a bath under the water. The bath that gives the  bay its name is said to be built by the king of the city over the hills. The offshore waters to the east of Hamam Bay are very deep. In these parts, boats and yachts drop anchor at 20-30 meters and tie stern-to. The Hamam Bay is very crowded, especially in the morning. Daily tour boats stop over here. A walk along the shoreline among pine woods revives one. Apart from restaurants serving boat and yacht customers, traveling ice cream salesmen, and power boats for activities like parasailing and bananas can be found in the bay. If you don’t mind the burning heat of the Sun in July and August, you can reach the ancient city of Lydae with half an hour’s climb from Hamam Bay or Yavansu.

Bedri Rahmi Bay (TAŞYAKA BAY)

Location: 36°41’44.17″ N – 28°52’2.58″ E

To the northwest of Taşkaya Island, it is a wide bay covered with pine and olive trees and that allows safe accommodation for boats and yachts. The ancient rock tombs on the hillsides of the bay can be seen from any angle. The depth falls to 10-15 meters near  the shore but offshore, it is very deep.

You can drop anchor to 10-15 meters in any point in Bedri Rahmi Bay and put hawser ashore.

Bedri Rahmi Bay (or “Taşkaya Bay” as it was used to be known) situated to the northwest of Shipyard Island, is named after the painter Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, who was in the first Blue voyage started by the Fisherman of Halicarnassos in 1945 with intellectuals, sea and nature lovers. You can find the memories of that trip in the book called “Blue Voyage Notebooks”. Bedri Rahmi has painted a fish over a flat rock on the hillside overlooking north in Taşkaya Bay, and the name of the bay has been changed to Bedri Rahmi Bay. A ince spring water that joins the sea from near the rock offers a nice water source for boats and yachts.

The wooden pier at the bay’s shore is large enough to tie 25 ships and there is a restaurant, water and electricity. Some rock tombs belonging to Ancient Lycian era, carved in the rocks near the fountain to the North. Half an hour’s walk from the path in the bay takes you to Kilisebelen illage. Kilisebelen, which is a 5 house settlement has a wonderful view. The view here covers the Dalaman Plain, Airport, Big Lake and Baba Island. Bedri Rahmi Bay which is ornamented with pine woods and oleander trees is a preferred bay for boats to take shelter in zephyr winds and watch sea sparkles in the night. Apart from the fish painting of Bedri Rahmi on the rock, you can see the kite mosaic that Azra Erhat has done.

Göbün Bay

Location: 36°38’44.00″ N – 28°53’37.75″ E

Göbün Bay is reached from a narrow entrance to the south of Pig (Domuz) Island, also known as Prince Island and it has a nature that rival the tropics, surrounded by pines and olive trees. It is a first degree protected area and has ancient rock tombs and remains at its end. Apart from boats and yachts on blue voyage, Göbün Bay is a favorite spot of sailing enthusiasts.

You can swim among underwater ruins in Göbün. Some of these ruins are from Byzantine, others are from Roman residences. The hill on which a Turkish Flag is waving, has a wonderful view and can be reached on foot in 20-25 minutes.

Göbün Bay is one of the most protected anchorages in Göcek and there are two wooden piers that you can tie your boat to. This bay is not popular with daily tour boats and is a favorite quiet spot. The restaurant on the shore has good food and service quality.

Poruk Bay ve Ayten Bay

Location:  Poruklu Bay: 36°45’34″N – 28°55’42”E Ayten Bay: 36°.74’09,41’’N 28°.92’45,85’’E

You will see the entry to Rixos hotel 300 meters after you reach the main road from Göcek to Dalaman. Following this winding road along the shore and after Club Marina, you will see Marin Turk Exclusive, which is inside Poruklu Bay. If you keep going, you weill reach Ayten Bay when you reach the sea level on this road that has a sharp turn left. Ayten Bay does not have any facilities. You can find two large trash containers that you can put your trash in. This is a bay generally visited for picnics all year round by the local people, with a mildly rocky but always warm and calm sea.

Sarsala Bay

Location: 36°38’42.76″ N – 28°51’21.79″ E

Sarsala Bay is a large and protected bay between Cape Martin to the north and Cape Boz to the south.

This bay has a large beach, its hills are covered with pine trees and its sea is clean. The pier of this bay has been used as the pier of Hidiv Abbas Pasha and the marble bollards are still in usable condition.

Apart from its long, gravelled beach, its woody plain and the view of the surrounding pine-covered hills add to the Sarsala Bay’s beauty. In Little Sarsala Bay, preferred by yachts and boats, there is water, pier, cafe and restaurant. If you walk towards Taşyaka Bay, you can see the rock tombs from Ancient Lycian civilization.

If you wish to drop anchor in Sarsala Bay, you can find suitable spots 10-15 meters off the beach. Sarsala Bay is 16km from Dalaman and has land roads. You can also find taxis in the bay in summer. Sarsala is invaded by visitors both from land and sea in weekends so is very crowded. For those who seek quiet, we advise them to stay away from this bay on weekends.

Yavansu Bay

Location: 36°38’9.54″ N – 28°52’43.98″ E

Yavansu Bay is not much to look at at first sight bu when you spend some time, your prejudices are replaced with admiration. You can tie your ship next to the floating restaurant in the bay. This bay makes you feel like you’re in the tropics and offers breathtaking underwaterviews. We recommend that you jump straight  into the water as soon as you tie your ship.

Kapı and Merdivenli Bays next to Yavansu Bay are great for those who seek quiet. These bays have restaurants serving yachts and boats and they allow you to keep this atmosphere in your memories with different tastes.  We recommend that you stop for a lunch in Yavansu Bay and take a walko among pine and olive trees. Half an hours walk among pines and olives, and you can see the remains of Ancient Lydae.

Sıralıbük Bay (Harbor)

Location: 36°40’40.25″ N – 28°51’48.98″ E

The dark blue color of its waters, puts Sıralıbük Bay apart from other bays in Göcek. It is located to the north west of Cape martin and is covered with pine trees. Sıralıbük Bay is open to the east and sometimes takes harsh winds from the west.

You can tie your ship to two sides of the bay which resembles a funnel under Cape Martin. The beach area at the end of the bay is a flat zone under olive trees. Here, the sea gets shallow near  the beach. We advise you not to get too close. You can put a distance between the shore and your boat and anchor at 15-20 meters, put a hawser on land.

There are two recesses on the northern hillsides of the bay (Little and Big Hurmalı Bays) and the one near the beach, there is an underwater rock. It would be cautious to put down anchor at 20-30 meters off shore according to the fin size of your obat. The second recess (Big Hurmalı) is larger and larger yachts stay here.

Osman Ağa Bay (Osman Ağa Fountain)

Location: 36°43’55.83″ N – 28°55’24.97″ E

It is a pine covered place that will give you peace with only the sounds of waves and cicadas.  Since this bay can be reached by land, it loses its quiet in the weekends. There is a fountain that supplies water and gives the bay its name.

Kargılık Bay (Dark Bay)

Location: 36°43’33”N – 28°54’54”E

This is a bay open in the south and which has a beach on both sides. It divides the point of a cape in two. The name of the bay comes from the reeds that are called ‘kargı’ by the locals. Its calm sea is suitable for those who can’t swim well and for little children.

It is located to the west of Göcek Island and is a longitudinal bay reaching from west to east. Its depth is 20-25 meters in the middle and there are two accommodation spots in this bay. The suitable part for anchoring is the area to the west of the bay that was used as a mining pier in the past. This bay is protected against zephyr winds and the bottom is sandy. Suitable anchoring can be done at 5-10 meters.

Atbükü Bay

Location: 36°43’30.57″ N – 28°54’45.11″ E

It is the southern part of Kargılık Bay and you can put a hawser on both shores. The bay is protected from zephyr winds, its bottom is sandy and its end is shallow.

Günlüklü Bay

Location: 36°43’38.99″ N – 28°54’56.85″ E

This bay gets its name from sweetgum trees, it is located to the north of Kargılık Bay, it has a gravelly beach and sandy bottom. You can drop anchor at 8-10 meters. See Günlüklü Koyu>>>

Boynuzbükü Bay

Location: 36°42’41.28″ N – 28°53’45.16″ E

Located to the west of Little Yılanlı Island, it is a bay with a flat and wide recess to the west, under hills covered with sweetgum trees. The south of the bay, the area where Azmak reaches the see is shallow and reedy.

The depths of two sides of the bay are different and the recess to the Northwest is about 10 meters deep. You can lay anchor with your boat or yacht in these places and put hawser ashore.

The flat land covered in sweetgum trees at the end of the bay  has a pier belonging to the restaurant and that can host 15-20 boats. You can supply water, electricity, fruits and vegetables here. The facility also offers water sports and helps provide a taxi. There is a land road to Dalaman.

Killebükü Bay

Location: 36°41’55.57″ N – 28°52’45.84″ E

This bay is surrounded by hills covered in pine trees and is located between Boynuzbükü and Taşkaya. Kile Bükü has a long beach in the middle and a large plain at its back.  If you get ashore, there is the ruin of a church that is resting under large pine trees.

This bay is open to ground swells and you can stay off shore daily in the middle of the bay. If you want to stay for long, the most protected area is the south. Here, you can lay anchor at 10-13 meters and put hawser ashore. There is water ashore and a land road to Dalaman.

Göcek  Island – Big Bay ve İncirli Bay

Location: 36°43’45.92″ N – 28°56’49.63″ E

Göcek Island is in a very important location for Göcek and is the largest contributor to the fact that Göcek is a port city. The island protects Göcek from most of the east winds, southeasters and zephyrs and it also has many beaches.

The bays preferred by boats and yachts are the West Bay to the west of the island and İncirli Bay to its east. Both hillsides of the bay are covered in pine trees and the bottom is deep.

There are enough buoys in the middle of the bay and ringbolts on the shore for boats and yachts to tie.

The beach belonging to the facility in the bay offers a ground tackle that can tie 10 boats. Boats can supply water and there are smaller bays that a few boats can lay anchor in both sides of the bay.

Although Incirli Bay offers commercial services, there are no other commercial areas on Göcek Island. In Summer, there are boat shuttles between Göcek and Incirli Bay from the municipal marina. The bay is beautiful in every hour of the day, but sunset is the best view it offers.

The depth at the northern shore of the bay is abou 25 meters. There are buoys along the shore and ringbolts on the shore. We recommend that you watch Göcek from here in the night.

Yassıca Islands

Location: 36°42’51.03″ N – 28°56’1.12″ E

Yassıca Islands are one of the indispensable spots of Göcek boat tours (also called ‘yassıcalar’ by the locals) are six closely spaced, low lying islands and a large island, a total of seven islands and there are no facilities on them. The island at the end has a beach and a shallow pool that is suitable for children to swim.

These islands that are called Yassıcalar in short, do not have individual names. The closest passage between islands is 12 meters.  In Yassıca Islands you can find various depths for anchoring and there is the possibility of walking on land. The coast is gravely and the forest road is thorny.

There are ground tackles off shore in the bays of Yassıca Islands and ringbolts on their shores.

Zeytinli Ada is located to the south of this island, and gets its name from the olive trees covering its surface.

The eastern side of Big Yassıca Island is not suitable for anchoring. We recommend the protected western shore for anchoring. A boat offers ice cream and water sports to the islands. You can find pancakes and sandwiches in a boat tied to the shore.

Yassıca Islands are crowded in summer because of daily boat tours. The tour boats sailing from Fethiye and Göcek frequently visit these islands. The bay gets calmer after evening hours and you can enjoy sea sparkles, quiet and the Göcek view that reveals itself.

Zeytinli Island

Location: 36°42’02”N – 28°55’54”E

Right next to the south of Yassıca Islands, it is an island with a high Southern part and covered with its namesakes, olive trees. Zeytinli Island has an olive press workshop from the Ottoman Era and a helipad.

Zeytinli Island is a private property which once belonged to Cem Uzan and now belongs to Nazif Zorlu, CEO of Zorlu Holding. Mr. Zorlu sometimes escapes here to find some quiet all along the year.

Northern shores of Zeytinli Island has very suitable anchorage and accommodation spots for yachts and boats.

There is a sharp hill behind Zeytinli Island. This island is called ‘Devil Island’ because of its looks.

Shipyard Island and Shipyard Bay (Summer and Winter Bay)

Location: 36°40’43.19″ N – 28°54’42.02″ E

Shipyard Bay is the largest of islands in Göcek Bay and gets its name from the shipyard that was set up here. You can find the remains of the old Roman settlement, shipyard and watchtower on Shipyard Island. You can also find olive trees an goats on Shipyard Island. There is a restaurant and a pier belonging to the restaurant that cam host 10-15 boats.

There are two bays on Shipyard Island called Winter and Summer Bays. The island is a popular visiting spot for boats and yachts on blue voyage and daily tours. Winter bay, which has a narrow pass, is one of the well-protected bays that yachts and boats can take shelter in.

It is not possible to see the entrance of the bay from afar. The very narrow passage is 15-20 meters deep and the depth is around 10 meters in the bay and 5 meters near the shore.

The bay is mostly shallow and the bottom is sandy and mossy. We advise boats and yachts that want to stay in the bay to take care of rare but heavy winds and downpours that come from the mouth of the bay.

The most suitable places for anchoring are the shore to the north of the bay and the shore at the southwest of the mouth of the bay. Our suggestion to boat and yacht enthusiasts is to remember that the bottom is sandy and mossy and therefore cast the anchor long. You can stay off shore when the bay is calm.

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